The 'managing' series of booklets

practicePRO has created a number of booklets that provide practical insights and checklists to help lawyers better manage the risks associated with specific practice issues. Please use these booklets to gain a greater understanding of your claims exposures are, and how you can be proactive to reduce the likelihood of, or even avoid, a legal malpractice claim.

The booklets have often complimented articles in LawPRO Magazine. To order a hard copy of any of the booklets or past issues of LawPRO Magazine please click here.

There are eight booklets in the "managing" booklets series. They include:

  • #1 Managing the lawyer/client relationship: Poor communication and failings in the lawyer/client relationship are the most frequent cause of legal malpractice claims. These failures include inadequate client case screening, poor communication and insufficient systems, trails and record keeping. This book will help you better understand the critical dynamics of your interactions with clients.
  • #2 Managing conflicts of interest: Conflicts of interest claims are significant concern from both a claims count and a claims cost point of view. Find out how to better manage this risk by better identifying, checking for and managing conflict of interest situations.
  • #3 Managing the practice of investing in clients: Past experience with this type of activity (which includes taking equity positions in a client the form of shares of stock) has taught us that this practice raises variety of issues which need to be addressed. Find out about the issues you should consider before engaging in the practice of investing in clients.
  • #4 Managing a mentoring relationship: This booklet provides practical advice and guidelines on how both mentors and mentees or protégées can build mentoring relationships that are productive and successful. It also explains the guidelines under which LAWPRO will waive surcharges on claims made against lawyers acting as mentors in a mentoring relationship.
  • #5 Managing practice interruptions: This booklet provides a comprehensive review of the steps you can take to prepare for unexpected minor and major practice interruptions, and how you should respond to them. It reviews what you have to do to protect your people, your practice, and your premises and property.
  • #6 Managing the finances of your practice: Taking an active role in managing the finances of your practice is key to building a successful law practice. Foresight, active planning, appropriate internal controls, and an ongoing review of current finances are critical if your practice is to be successful and profitable. This booklet reviews the steps you can take to better manage the finances of your practice, and touches briefly on some of the longer-term financial planning issues involved in winding up a law practice.
  • #7 Managing the security and privacy of data in a law office: Clients, lawyers, and law office staff routinely work with electronic documents and data. Protecting the security and confidentiality of that information is an obligation under the Rules of Professional Conduct. This booklet highlights the risks and provides a comprehensive review of various steps you should take to ensure that the electronic information in your office remains confidential and secure.
  • #8 Managing a better professional services firm: This booklet reviews how you and your firm can strive to provide superlative client service. It will show you how you can better communicate with and serve your clients, how to evolve your practice and clientele, improve your marketing, break the habit of the billable hour, and make greater use of technology.


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