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Welcome new lawyers! Whether you’ve just finished your licensing-exams, currently articling or still in school – it’s probably been a long journey to get here.

But now the real struggles begin. Law school teaches you to think like a lawyer – but no one has ever taught you how to be a lawyer. There are risks and rewards to this profession, and understanding them can help you flourish.

practicePRO is here to help you succeed. We offer practical risk management info to help you manage your practice and be a better lawyer.

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We can help you ...

thumbnail ... understand why malpractice claims happen.

Did you know, four out of five lawyers will face a malpractice claim during the course of their career? Communication breakdowns and time-management are the most common causes, not errors in law. Check out "The Biggest Malpractice Claims Risks", by practicePRO’s Dan Pinnington for an in-depth explanation.

thumbnail ... help improve your work habits to avoid claims

Good work habits and can help you be a better lawyer and avoid claims. Check out our Managing the Lawyer/Client Relationship and Managing a Better Professional Services Firm booklets to start.

thumbnail ... market and budget yourself

Keep your firm in good financial health with our sample budget spreadsheet (in PDF or XLS format), and business plan outline (in PDF or Word format). We also have a large selection of marketing books in our Lending Library to help you sell yourself and your firm.

thumbnail ... start your client relationship off right

A well drafted retainer letter can get your relationship with a client off on a solid footing. This is important to help avoid issues later on. Take advantage of our retainer letter templates which cover many areas of law.

thumbnail ... protect yourself in this technologically fast-paced environment

Chances are you're already ahead of the game, having grown up in the tech boom – Facebook, Twitter, smartphones? You’re already on it! But, do you know the risks associated with using social media as a lawyer? practicePRO can also help you keep on top of the latest information on legal techonology.

thumbnail ... protect yourself against fraud

Lawyers are often the targets of fraud, and new lawyers can be particularly vulnerable. Learn how to spot the red flags with our Fraud Fact Sheet and get the latest on fraud prevention from the Avoid a Claim blog.

thumbnail ... access counselling for a healthy lifestyle

The Law Society's Member Assistance Program offers law students and lawyers confidential counselling and resources to help with alcohol, drug or other additions, stress, burnout, or mental illness.

As you start, continue or grow your legal careers, make practicePRO a regular destination helpful tools, tips and facts on how to be a better lawyer, run a better practice, and avoid a malpractice claim.

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