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Continuing Professional Development

LAWPRO and practicePRO are committed to participating in and promoting legal education programming. By participating in Continuing Professional Development or CPD you can hone your legal skills, learn new strategies and techniques, and reduce your exposure to malpractice claims. The definition of a "competent lawyer" in Rule 3 of the Rules of Professional Conduct specifies a broad collection of requirements that include professional development, practice management, client communication and business skills.

Continuing professional development, which is but one aspect of professional development, can occur in many ways. Attendance at traditional lectures, seminars or workshops is just the start. It can also include reading and self-study, research and writing on specific practice areas, and the use Web-based or archived multi-media content.

Risk management and the LAWPRO Risk Management Credit
Most lawyers are surprised to find out that less than 10% of the malpractice claims that LAWPRO handles involve a failure to know or apply substantive law. Whereas, almost 70% of the claims we handle involve lawyer/client communications and basic time or practice management issues. For this reason LAWPRO believes it is critical for its insureds to incorporate risk management strategies into their practices, and that the use of these tools and strategies will help reduce claims.

LAWPRO Risk Management credit To encourage participation in CPD programs that include risk management content, LAWPRO offers a $50 Risk Management Credit (to a maximum of $100) for each qualifying CPD program you complete by mid September. Look for the LAWPRO Risk Management Credit logo on approved programs and click here for more information on this Credit

CPD Programs
Numerous organizations offer CPD programs in Ontario. For specific information on upcoming and past programs, visit the CPD Calendars on the following sites:

practicePRO Lending Library
As a resource for Ontario lawyers, practicePRO has a lending library of almost 100 books on a wide variety of law practice management related topics. You will find titles on billing and finance, management and administration, law office technology, career issues and solo/small firms. Click here to view our selection and for details on how to order a book.

The LSUC Member Resources page has many other helpful tools and resources.

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