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Don’t worry about minor differences in title insurance policy terms – if you choose the right policy

We know that it is important to review the coverages, exclusions and specific exceptions in title insurance policies with clients. However, with respect to standard policy coverages (provided they are not affected by any property-specific exceptions), lawyers should be aware that the nature of Legal Service Coverage in TitlePLUS policies makes differences in these coverages… Read More »

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REPCO reduction reflects commitment to risk-rating

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Real estate and civil litigation continue to be the areas of practice with the highest claims, both in terms of count and cost. However, real estate claims based on the registration of fraudulent instruments under the Land Titles Act where the claim would otherwise be excluded from coverage due to the dishonesty of the insured… Read More »

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LAWPRO defends lawyers: Opposing inappropriate expansion of lawyer’s scope of responsibility


Advising clients of their rights on a legal matter is a significant responsibility and lawyers have a duty to discharge it with competence and care. But when defending a negligence claim where clients seek to hold lawyers accountable for the unfavourable results of their own business or strategic decisions, LAwPRO’s defence counsel don’t hesitate to… Read More »

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Demystifying condominiums with better communication

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Condominium ownership has a unique set of rules and responsibilities. Helping your clients understand what they are getting into can reduce your risk of a malpractice claim. Start off on the right foot at the beginning of your relationship by sending a detailed retainer letter setting out what you will or will not be doing… Read More »

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How simple mistakes can lead to large claims

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It’s easy to think that, at least in your office, a major claim couldn’t possibly happen. But LAWPRO’s experience shows that errors, innocent oversights and gaffes in any type of practice can lead to big problems. And if you or your firm don’t have adequate insurance in place to address the claim, you could be… Read More »

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Would you get caught in a trust vs. gift dispute when handling purchase funds?

It can be uncomfortable to talk about money. When handling real estate purchases and domestic contracts, however, lawyers can’t afford to accept purchase funds on a “no questions asked” basis. Why not? Because if purchase funds come from somebody other than the prospective owner, the doctrine of resulting trust presumes that, regardless of who is… Read More »

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Manage malpractice risk by recognizing cultural diversity

In the social realm, cultural differences can be awkward for those on both sides; but in the context of legal services, cross-cultural misunderstandings and other culture-related factors can occasionally lead to malpractice claims against lawyers. The good news: claims with a cultural component are easily preventable as they tend to reflect certain recurring themes. One… Read More »

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Does title insurance bring benefits to the primary professional liability program?

We all know that notwithstanding the rise of title insurance in Ontario, claims arising from real estate practice are still a large (and in many years, the largest) exposure for the primary professional liability program that LAWPRO provides for the Law Society’s lawyer-licensees (the “E&O program”). We have explored why in other articles and settings…. Read More »

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Title insurance policies are like a box of chocolates – No two policies are the same

“The lawyer should be knowledgeable about title insurance and discuss with the client the advantages, conditions, and limitations of the various options and coverages generally available to the client through title insurance,” states Rule 2.02(10) of the Rules of Professional Conduct. This obligation was brought home in a recent malpractice case where the lawyer did… Read More »

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When waiving a search comes back to haunt you

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How a client perceives a lawyer’s role in a transaction often depends on the client’s experience. At one end of the spectrum, a new homebuyer may believe that the lawyer will not only navigate the process, but will also personally shield the client from all risks. At the other extreme, a sophisticated businessperson may urge… Read More »

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