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Your 2004 insurance program

Volume 2, issue 3: Fall 2003

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2004 insurance program
A base premium of $2,500 per lawyer, and policy coverage modifications that exclude from coverage services that do not relate to the practice of law headline the 2004 insurance program.

• information on how to e-file for 2004
• a reminder that e-filing by Nov. 3 qualifies you for a $50 premium discount, and
• Shielding lawyers from today’s insurance crunch
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Professional services that you provide to snowbird clients may not be covered under your LAWPRO policy.
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DIVORCEmate software addresses risk issues
Precedents+ streamlines the drafting of separation agreements and helps take risk out of the increasingly complex family law practice.
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• Tech Tip: Keyboard shortcuts
• CLE Premium Credit program makes its mark
• Online Coaching Centre
• Significant Stat: Beware of acting for family & friends
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Helping your practice soar

Volume 2, issue 2: Summer 2003

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Managing risk through structure
What once was a simple matter of choosing between practising solo, in association or in partnership has become a more complex decision with a myriad of practice combinations for lawyers to choose from – each with its own benefits and downsides. Find out what experts in the field say about the liability and tax implications of new practice structures such as MDPs, LLPs and law corporations.

Note: In this article, the author notes that the bullet point at the top of page 9 contains incorrect information. It should have said: “Unlike other corporations, if a PC is a member of a partnership, it is required to use a December 31 year end for tax purposes." The author and LAWPRO apologize for any confusion this error may have caused.
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Holding who harmless?
As law firm clients seek new ways to protect themselves, they’re incorporating indemnity and holdharmless provisions into their legal service contracts – often at your expense.
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Protecting personal privacy
Lawyers and law firms are businesses – and must start to act now to ensure they’re ready to comply with new privacy legislation that comes into force on January 1, 2004.
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LAWPRO has also created a generic privacy policy which you can use as a precedent for your own firm’s effort to comply with this legislation. It is available at

Mobile practice
Modifications to the LAWPRO liability insurance program support the National Mobility Agreement.
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To every claim there is a story
TitlePLUS talks about some of the claims it has resolved recently.
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A concerning trend – lender outsourcing
LAWPRO is working with various legal associations to express concern about lender outsourcing initiatives that complicate real estate work and could threaten the role of lawyers in conveyancing.
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Title-insured transactions DO attract levy surcharge
If you don’t have a release/indemnity and hold harmless agreement in place with your title insurer, you must pay the $50 real estate transaction levy surcharge – even if the transaction is title insured.
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• Tech Tip: CanLII for free legal research
• Casebook: Wills/estates bar breathes easier
• Significant Stats: 6% errors arise from failure to know/apply law
• Online COACHING CENTRE: Powerful Communications
• Tips and tricks for using Outlook
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2004 insurance program: LAWPRO expands Web services
Insurance applications and instructions, and policy invoices and other documentation, will be delivered primarily electronically to lawyers this fall, saving the profession an estimated $40,000 in printing and distribution costs.
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Building for success

Volume 2, issue 1: March 2003

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This issue of LAWPRO magazines focuses on some of the essential components of an successful law practice. Among the topics covered are:

Helping lawyers manage practice finances
Interviews with lawyers who talk about how they address the financial management needs of their practices. Insights from a leading bankruptcy lawyer on how to avoid bankruptcy. Tips on pitfalls and best practices.
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TitlePLUS News

  • TitlePLUS goes online
    Find out what lawyers are saying about the new Web-based TitlePLUS application.
  • Lessons learned from managing TitlePLUS claims
    Tips for lawyers on how to use TitlePLUS most effectively . . . and to minimize the likelihood of a claim.
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    Ontario's new Limitations Act, 2002
    Graeme Mew of Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP reviews key features of this new legislation introduced in late 2002.
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    Respecting the "trust" in trust accounts
    Insights into how NOT to let others use trust accounts, at your cost.
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  • Adobe Acrobat & PDF files
  • Tech Tip: Online Writs of Execution
  • Significant Stats: Conflicts of Interest
  • Casebook: Lawyers can be fair game if clients are disappointed
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    Events Calendar
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