John G. Iezzi CPA, published 2003, 272 pages with CD-ROM

This hands-on, how-to book will provide managing partners, law firm managers, and law firm accountants with the budgeting and financial knowledge needed to make critical decisions. The newly revised and expanded second edition describes the entire financial management process, from gathering a firm’s historical data to preparing and analyzing the overall financial plan. Whether you’re a financial novice or veteran manager, this book will help you examine every facet of your financial affairs, from cash flow and budget creation to billing and compensation. Most, if not all, of the analysis and methodologies used in the book come from actual, time-tested techniques developed by author John Iezzi in his dealings with firms of all sizes and practice disciplines. Also included with the book are valuable financial models on CD-ROM allowing you to compute profitability and determine budgets by inputting your own data to:

  • Prepare annual financial plans
  • Calculate billings rates and perform analyses on results
  • Perform timekeeper breakeven analysis
  • Perform cash-flow analysis
Categories: Book, Finances

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